I Have Not One Person In The World Who Would Truly Miss Me If I Was Gone.

Hello, my name is Mary and I am so lonely I could cry almost all the time. I am single, never been married and have no children. I do have three dogs who do their best to keep me company, but it's not the same as having a person to share things with.  I am "50" ish and I'm very overweight.

My Mom was my best friend, but she passed in 2003 and my dad in 1998. I do have two sisters, but they each have two grown children and a husband. My younger sister has two granddaughters. They all have their lives to live and don't really know how lonely I feel all of the time. I also have friends, but - like my family - they all have husbands, children and/or parents to spend time with. No one I know has the same situation that I do.

To make matters worse, I thought I had met someone - a man - at work. We were on again off again friends for a long time. One day several weeks ago, we had an argument at work and that got our boss involved. Since then, we are no longer friends and will not be friends again. That is a long story. He has hinted to me in very brief conversations that he has started a relationship with a woman very much younger than him and very much younger and thinner than me. He's a pig. :-) On top of this, he has turned our boss against me, too. I truly believe he has a very unprofessional relationship with our boss. Again, that's a long story.

I have tried on-line dating sites, but I have received interest from men in other parts of the country (US) and other countries. It's flattering, but it's also mostly that these men are trying to scam me. I have "met" a couple of guys who seems genuine, but there's no way I will ever meet them.

So, here I am, writing my story on a website for lonely people.

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Mary, I'm sorry you're so lonely. There are so many ppl like you. I'm one of them. My husband died and I have no kids. His 1 daughter and her family do not live close by and honestly do not need or care for me. They have their own lives. I basically died with my husband. I am the walking dead so to speak. I do not work and live in isolated area, no nearby town and can't afford to drive much. Web and pets are my only company. It is extremely lonely but I am learning to adjust to the new solo life. I talk to the air as if my DH is still here. Who cares if I'm crazy? Nobody. At least you have a job where you see people each day. Keep smiling as if you meant it. Maybe your world will change. Nobody will miss me when I'm gone. Heck, nobody will even notice except the bill collectors.

I'm so sorry about your situation. Is there any on-line volunteering you can do? It's just a thought. If you are isolated and don't drive much, that makes it really rough. My work is not a comfort to me. There are more and more demands made on me each day. Plus, I see Mr. Pig everyday and that makes me sad, especially when he's with our boss and is "playing" with her. I know what you mean about the bill collectors being the only ones who will notice when you are gone. The only people who will miss me are the ones who expect things from me.

I feel really bad for you. Someone special will be in your life. You should consider getting a different job. Also if you want childern, adopt a child that is at least 2 years old. <br />
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Best Wishes

Hi, thanks. The job market just isn't very good right now, so another job would be very difficult to come by. No, I don't want children - not at this point in my life. I am just looking for companionship.

Oh Mary I really do feel for you - I cannot offer any advice just my best wishes that sometime soon you will have someone special in your life, take care

Thank you.