Familt Issues, Turning Into The Very Thing I Hate Most.

I ******* hate my ignorant fat bastard dad, when I was 8 he whipped a TV remote control at my head, he always finds something that I did wrong and points it out to me and gives me the solution he things will fix everything, even if I have more info on the issue than he does and I have an alternate solution he still yells at me saying his is better. He throws my clothes out in the backyard if I forget them in the bathroom after a shower, he tells me to shut up, says Jesus Christ to me. One time he said I knew it was a mistake when we picked you up from the hospital when you were a baby. I hate him so much and I can tell my mom does to, no body in or house like him and he is the cause of our broken home, our destroyed family. My brother despises me, hates my dad, and does not care what my mom thinks or anybody else. My dad tells us to do dumb **** without giving a reason and saying "I don't need a reason" and I still love my brother and I try to get him to like but it is all in vain. I feel terrible that my mom gets caught up in all this to because she rarely is the cause for a problem. I am not killing my self or anything really ******* stupid like that but it really does make me pissed the **** off and makes me just want to leap onto my dad, throw him onto the grad and wale on his face with my fists until he is bleeding and his face swollen, that would relieve the tension. Of course this is a stupid decision as well, so I would really like some suggestions on what to do, this is a to sensitive problem for me to bring up with any body, and I can not tell my mom or someone how it makes me feel because that would make them feel worse and embarrass me, I know my brother is depressed as well.
foofoo123 foofoo123
May 12, 2012