Seperated By Miles For Too Long!

Wow I have never ever done anythingthing remotely like this in my life.  Where to start, first Im not "young" I am a lovely (inside and out) woman with tow daughters one grown the other almost grown.  D.... he has been gone for what seems like forever.  This occurred after a job loss in our new state.  I have tried so hard to fill the void and was doing ok until my daugheter left for college and I too lost my counseling job at a college dur to grant cuts.....not enough time to really be known in the area....winters are long and I cant leave until july 1.  D has changed since he left, feel so disconnected and I have given up so much of my life. 

Weekends we do see each other...starts nice ends up in a fight, nothing ever is good enougn for him...........and I am so tired of lifting his spirts and putting out emotionally.  Many would say dump him, we are talking about a 25 years marraige he was my best friend and soul mate for almost ever....not so easy.  He gets sad and fearful due to his recent experiences and says stupid hurtdul things or trys to over control. 

I am lonle, hurt vulnerable to a point but not looking to replace him.....sometimes i just wish I could get in my car and leave!
hawaii48 hawaii48
May 14, 2012