I Just Need Somebody To Love.

I have no problem calling a girl hot to my friends in my school, because I think she is hot. The problem is that ever since the first person I loved dumped me in a horrid fashion (Do not ask) I have not been able to develop any real feelings for a girl at all, and that really bugs me because it would give me something to get over that first girl that left. I know what to talk to them about, but my problem is working up courage and maybe how to reveal my true feelings for them. (Make it lengthily I like to read these)
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Hey foofoo here's some advice. I am 42 yrs old and just this very day I was contacted on facebook by the girl I dated when I was 16 and she was 15. There was a photo of her and I on there and it just blew my mind at how young we were and how I see it now through the eyes of a middle aged adult. I can remember my shyness at the time yet I felt very much in love. After about 6 months we split and I had not seen her until I saw that photo today. One thing I took from the whole thing was that courage and my feelings for a girl became easier as I matured and focussed on the females that were interested in me. When you find that spark then the whole thing is a lot easier and is mutual. I sometimes wish I could go back to that time and have some of those moments over again but I am married with kids now and have a great life. I would not be concerned at your age about getting hitched etc as you have so much time. Take a photo of yourself now and look at it in 25 yrs time and you will be amazed at how you will change thru the years and your ideals and ideas will be different. My friend enjoy the chase and the potential of what lies ahead for you becuase one day you will settle down and the chase will cease and all the fun and heartbreak that comes with it.