Sad And Lonely

I am always sad and lonely. I have no one to talk to. No body wants to here my problems. My babies father and I are about to end it for good and it hurts so bad that he don't see how much I love him and I know that he will never love me like I need him too. He is very selfish and doesn't know how to love a woman. I wish that I could make him see how bad it hurts me and how bad it is going to hurt our child to not wake up everyday to see his daddy. But I know that he don't care and it is best if we do split up because I have so much love to give and he is not willing to give any back. i hope my son who is only 2 years old will forgive me but I can't keep feeling like I don't matter.
kimmi10 kimmi10
May 15, 2012