Loniless Kills Me..........

hey friends....this loniless of myne killss me a lot...te world had giving me a bad character name...but iam not so...i was just way too friendly and childish...so got no friends to hang around with...no group studies..no hanging out...no enjoyment..i lost my smile..my enjoyment...everytime i sit to study sleep or pray tears come out automatically..now a days i have stopped completely taliking to all...i see myself inside a dark cage....day by day it is killing me..rather than i decide to die one day.....i have lost myself...i do no what for am i livivng...no use...i die...even if iam in sorrow..no one to take care of me..no one to console...me its just me alone...i go alone always..i feel insecure..i feel like dying..in hell......wat am i to do...??????????
123alan 123alan
18-21, F
3 Responses May 17, 2012

Good advice Cinderella582010. I will work on that. Hey 123alan, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with your former friend. I can understand your feelings and I am your friend and I will try to support you as best I can. That is what we are all here for (at least I hope that is the case).

thnaks a lot...alteats let my mindset change..i keep on whinning that i hav literally no friends at college...all alone,,,?

Since you say you are praying, then may I make a suggestion, ask the Lord to send you Christian friends. Get involved in your church. People who are friendly have friends.

i had a christain friend...she is the behind everythng for my loniless to kill me...she ditched me..she cant even understand my feelings...

I am here for you too. I feel lonely too. I'm a stay at home mom alone most of the day. That is why I come here to connect. I'm new here but I have seen many people going through the same pain comforting each other. You may be alone physically, but I feel like we are all in this same boat together. Even though our experiences and anxiety/depression levels are different, deep down we all are suffering and need to lean on one another.

iam happy that atleat people understand me..in such websites..rather than friends nearby..who ditches me..around...yup we both are one and same...lets be good friends...i do no how much sufferings have to undergo in my life.......