My Story

I feel like a freak. Im so stuck in my dreams and goals that i`ve turned into a social nobody. I don`t have many friends and even they don`t seem to care about me anymore. 
My goal is to become a singer-performer. I want to make music for people, i want to help and i want to be admired.
The only things that i have left are music and my family. And my home (which i have to leave in 2 years).
I feel lonely too often. But the funny thing is, i pretty much enjoy it sometimes. 
I think im meant to be alone. I just can`t see myself hanging around with best girlfriends in the future. Im even afraid of love.
I think i want to be alone just so my life and choices won`t depend on someone`s opinion but mine. 

helllllllo helllllllo
May 19, 2012