I Hate My Life :(

here it goes...
M 21 now. A skinny guy. pursuing engineering . Did my worst in high school, had very bad grades.
Still Going the same. No chances for placement. Very bad english speaking skills. I tried a lot but at last I give up & then Keep on procrastinating. I always feel sad & lonely(maybe that might be the reason). Have a Very few friends(so called friends, they are not true to me)
I Don’t have good looks even. Don’t have a girlfriend & never had one and I won’t be able to make one in future because no one would like to be with me.
I hate my life but I don’t wanna die. Please anyone.. help me, is there anyway I can improve.
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I think I might know what you mean... Might not be the exact same way, but could have the same meaning.

@ aokigahara29 - i thought i'm the only one in this situation. you're right, its upto us, but at this stage i don't think i can improve on anything. Even if i try, i just can't, depression surrounds me always.

me too, I don't know what to do either but I guess I'm gonna stick around for a while maybe it'll get better. I just feel that it'll take effort and time to surround ourselves with people who would care about us, I believe they are out there, we just have to open up because we have become so good at pretending we're okay that when they look at us, they'd believe it without a doubt.

@gmckdude711 - i have nothing to be proud of. No girl would even like to be with me.

i cant even discuss anything with my parents. They already have hectic routines & i don't wanna burden them with anything more.<br />
I love my parents but i think m really not that close to them.

You need determination and self-control, or you need someone loyal and strict that'll keep you focused on what you want to achieve.

I really can't help you, we both have the same situation, english is not my first language. Im unmotivated to do anything. Im supposed to be studying for finals right now but Im not. Im really ******* up this semester. I just want to live in the forest if I know how to survive there. Im sorry have I dont have any answer for you. But if only there is someone out there who truly believes that we can make it, that we can be happy too then maybe there is hope. BUt i dont really know maybe it's really up to us if we want to change our lives. I dont really know, i think im even more confused than you are.