I got involved with a married man. Thought he loves me. But he never said I love you, and he never promised me any future. Eventually, he stopped touching me. So I said what's wrong he said I have problems in my life and I need some space. A week later I told him it does not work like this, how come we are seperated like this, won't you tell me what's going on. He said: That's how I am, if you don't like it you can choose whether to stay with me or not. I said what are you saying, he said that's it, and added that "you can tell me call me when you know what you want"... So I said: Ok, call me when you know what you want. And I left. it all happened today. Did I do anything wrong? SHould I have given him the space he wanted without asking about what the problems are :(
shishoo shishoo
1 Response May 19, 2012

That is so sad! I feel your pain, but mine is sightly different. Actually the opposite.