I Am A Lonely Married Man

I am a married and very lonely man, my wife resents me! We live in this lonely marriage, in which she treats everyone nice except for me, her own husband! Our marriage is so sexless, I seek God for help to bless us to work it out between us, but she has such a hard heart. Someone please pray for us, I do not want to cheat on her to have my needs met by another woman, I want to do right by God, and this is so hard to deal with, please pray for us.
lonelyyoungblackmarriedman lonelyyoungblackmarriedman
1 Response May 20, 2012

I hope your situation has taken a turn for the better since this post is over one year old. However, I will keep you in my prayers. I have the same situation in reverse. My husband is the full of life and a joy to be around when others are watching. Otherwise, he is dull and lifeless. He does not come to bed until he thinks I am asleep. He spends all his time texting and flirting on Facebook. But come Sunday, he plays the adoring husband. He truly should have been an actor. What am I to do?