Im a very lonely person, i dont have any friends and although i have a large family i dont look like most of them. I have a twin sister but she got married and now i am alone. we used to do everything together, but since she got married i have no one, its just me. I've always been shy and reserved and so ive completley missed out on life. Im 26 right now and ive never been to a party, went on a date, nothing. i feel like now i truly have no one in the world. I wish my sister had not gotten married then i would have someone to talk to.
shmap shmap
1 Response May 20, 2012

since I promised myself to refrain from "you did this and it lead to this" kind of comments, because people tend to take it the wrong way, I can only wish you to learn to take action and discover strength within. whenever you are ready.