Fed Up With Life...

I live in Manchester, UK. I hate to write statuses like this, honest, but i'm sick to the back teeth of life- I'm sick of having no prospects and being stuck in this rut, i'm sick of having no friends, sick of never being noticed by anyone, fed up of not ever experiencing anything great, sick of everyone except me being happy and finding their calling, tired of not being beautiful, talented or interesting enough to get (or keep) the guys I want. I live in one of the best cities in England full of inspiring and creative people, but can't experience it properly because I have no-one and have no talent whatsoever. I'll never have what my heroes have. I'll never be as cool or creative as the people I've been lucky enough to meet here. Why they hang out with me I dont know. The one person I felt closest to and who had everything in common with no longer speaks to me. Why dont I just go back home? Someone my age should have a mountain of memories by now, but I've got hardly any, no great stories to tell. I'm fed up of sitting on my own like a loser in the pub after work. It did work once- it was how i met one of my few closest friends- but generally its soul destroying. I hate how I love music, but it was best when I was too young to experience it, and now there's nothing new or great. I don't belong in this day and age. I hate the modern world. The only thing I want out of life is to be happy. I wish I had friends, I really do.
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22-25, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Sad to say everyone you know is not as happy as you think. Every one has problems, I agree some have bigger problems than others. The people you admire the talented ones had to work to devlop thier skills. did you see the movie Midnight in Paris which dealt with the problem, people who wanted to live in a different time. You do not have to be talented to make friends. Realize that you have so much of you life ahead of you live in teh moment and aprecaite what you have you have so much living to do ahead of you.