Why Do I Even Bother?

Friends. They are suppose to be there for you, through your ups and your downs..but my friends are the exact opposite. I don't even think I should call them friends. Whenever they has problems I'm always there to help. Also some of my friends wonnt even tell me what's goinn on, don't friends tell each otther everything? I do. I know I have MANY issues, but I always tell my friends just to feel like they don't feel left out. But when I try to tell them what's going on in my life they just don't care, or change the subject. I feeel lonely. I never talk to my parents..they are always going to be the llast people I will go to for help. Soo I just stay bottled up. I want someone to take me out of this feeling. I hate it. Why do I even bother with my "friends"? I'm better off alone..sadly
gottabelou1D gottabelou1D
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I have that same feeling occasionally...It seems that all my true friends live so far away that it doesnt do me any good when I need them. The "friends" i have here only really talk to me when they want something. That being said I am sorry that you feel that way, but you are never better off alone, and you can only go up from here...it sucks not having many friends, but sometimes it helps give you the time and space to work your **** out...

You are young and you wont be alone forever. As times moves on and you change schools and start a job etc. you will make some good friends. I am 42 yrs old and I know no-one from when I was your age - dont even know where they are but the friends I made later in life in my early 20's for example are still my friends today. Once the pressure of school has eased you will make some lifelong friends that will be close to you - at least that is what happened to me. I know it may seem hard at present but time will move on and new people will come into your life and when you are my age hopefully you will look back and laugh about it all. Life does not stay stagnant and you will move through various life stages always meeting new people and establishing really great friends. As for your parents - I know at your age they seem distant or may not help but believe me as you age through the years and have a family of your own you will want them, need them and they will be one of your life's great constants. At 14 I thought my Mum was strict and not very understanding but now she is by far the best friend I have and has always supported me in all my decisions. Remember what you are feeling now, however hard, is a blimp on the radar of your life and you should relish the thought of what life may bring you. All the best.