An Odd Kind Of Lonely

I feel really dumb actually...the people posting on this website have so many reasons to be lonely. I mean, I feel lonely sometimes, but I am not actually alone. I have a boyfriend who loves me and I love him very much. I have great family as well.

It seems that my problem is that I crave affection and I dont get it. It just makes me feel sad. He is asleep before I get home and gone before I wake up, I am lucky if get to talk to him in person at all some days. There are times I will come home early with the hopes that he will still be awake and I can get a hug or a real kiss instead of the measly peck i get in the morning sometimes, and hes already in bed anyway. He is always sleeping, never in the mood, and if its a miracle and he is awake he is tired.

I need to just deal right? there is no sense sitting around feeling bad for myself and crying over it even possible to be lonely when you arent alone?

I have had a rough go of it, maybe Im just not used to it, maybe I have abandonment issues, maybe im just a whiney baby...
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

My wife works very hard and then brings more work home. Sometimes I feel left out so I spoke to her about it and now once our son goes to bed we have 'our time' together. It was thru talking that we came to our resolution becuase my wife was unaware that she was 'ignoring' me. This together time has increased our friendship and we speak nicer to each other.

Yes it is possible to be lonely and be in a room full of people all the time. There is physical aloneness and then there is emotional/psychological aloneness. So it is the quality of the interaction that is lacking.... There might be casual small talk with people but that really doesn't help keep those feelings of aloneness away. People need connection or they might as well be physically alone too.