Missing That Thing Called Love

Love,has become an alien word for me,last time wen i honestly felt dat someone truly luves me was when i had my mother.After her,it has been almost 13 years and i just keep wondering about love............there is no1 to guide me,to care about me,to understand me.I still remember my school days wen every1 used to bring there mothermade lunch and i used to hide my lunchbox or used to sit in a corner all alone to hav my lunch,every1 treated me as if i'm a outcast.WHY??????????????Now I'm a grown up but still i dont know wats wrong with me,i never got my parents' luv,never had a friend,never had any1 to luv me.Isnt there any1 in this world who can be just mine,who can love me more than his life?????
Erinee Erinee
22-25, F
May 21, 2012