In The Dark I Saw A Stadium Of Kids

I was in prision for 12 years and rightly so, I was the 5th man from the top in a very violent prion gang. tripple max security prision. I was in the hole for 4 years and rightly so, They shut off my light , i was behind a steal door, 3 months no light. and rightly so. I was so lonly i became my best friend i am never alone and love to spend time bymy self. I got out of prision in 1993. befor i got out i told god i was an idiot and could not do right , i need help. i have happy family , home, retired, atrtist and going to devotr my self to raising my kids and paintig wild life. I was Blessed . when I was in prision I was mean and atact the gards the put me in the hole i was mean in there also like an abused pit bull if you got close to me i would hit you stab you throw soap at you, food, ect... They shut off my light and put a sign on my door . no ligts need repair. not the way its done repair man saw it 3 months later. while in the dark i saw a stadium of kids obviously hulusenating I was standing at a podium i stated to speek to them telling them why they should start making the best choices for themselves now befor they are like me and have to make choices based on what is good for every one involved and infact itas not a bad idea to adopt that idea. befor they have no choice. if i base my choices on whats best for me im going to rob a bank and go to vagus for the week end abd spend all of it exept 2000
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ya i have lived a life on the edge