So Sorry

i was in a realtionship with someone i never really loved. for 3years this went on, i know i should of got out but wanted to work.In that time i became real close with her kid,whose father was not really there for him. he was 9 when i meant him.i moved in with them when he was 10. at first things were great. the first year or so i seemed to make a real difference in his life, we had problems but who dont. i took him fishing for the first time in his life,camping,hunting,boy scoutts. hes 13 now and found other things to do i became so jealous so obsessed with him. when i moved out he was so mad didnt talk to me for a week or so then he did. came over to my house with me on the weekends even on school days. still i had this problem with the jealousness and such... i hurt him by getting mad when he didnt come over tpo see me or stay the weekend.a few weeks ago he was here then said he wanted to go,i told him just take all his things and get out of my life. why i got so mad was bcuz i knew he wasnt being honest with me about why he was leaving. NOT A GOOD REASON I KNOW. this kid was my reason for living he means the world to me . ... now he wont talk to me,she wont talk to me, i hurt her son i dont blame her. i miss him in the worst way. any way sosorry dont really want him out of my life......
dosentmatter dosentmatter
36-40, M
May 21, 2012