The Fairy's New Year Gift


   Two little boys were at play one day when a Fairy suddenly appeared before them and said: "I have been sent to give you New Year presents."

   She handed to each child a package, and in an instant was gone.

   Carl and Philip opened the packages and found in them two beautiful books, with pages as pure and white as the snow when it first falls.

   Many months passed and the Fairy came again to the boys. "I have brought you each another book?" said she, "and will take the first ones back to Father Time who sent them to you."

   "May I not keep mine a little longer?" asked Philip. "I have hardly thought about it lately. I 'd like to paint something on the last leaf that lies open."

   "No," said the Fairy; "I must take it just as it is."

   "I wish that I could look through mine just once," said Carl; "I have only seen one page at a

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May 22, 2012