Just Lonley

I know that girls/woman dont need a man/boyfriend to make them strong, but sometimes i wish i had someone to love me like that. I see couples and like cute little gifs on Tumblr, i’m just sharing this with you guys cause i feel like you guys would understand what i mean. I just always feel so lonely even though i have friends and family that love me. Sometimes i wish i had a boyfriend to cuddle, hug, kiss and love me. I feel like i’m not good enough because all the girls that have a boyfriend are skinny or extremely pretty and i don’t feel like i can compete with them, like there gorgeous, i’m average so obviously i wont have one because i’m nothing exceptional. I’m telling you guys about this because i feel like you guys are the only people i can talk too, all my friends don’t know what it’s like, they’ve all had/have a boyfriend..and i guess i’m just tired of being lonley. 

xoxo Forever Alone with Cats i guess… 3  

SimplyMe22 SimplyMe22
18-21, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

i feel the same way...i'm sorry