Heading Into The Great Storm

I'm not even sure why I keep doing this, what I'm trying to achieve by writing these entries.

- Am I trying to elicit pity?
- Raise awareness about a trivial non-issue?

What's the point, other than venting energy which I could just as easily channel into a workout session or a piece of art?

I feel as though I've been telling the same facts ad nauseum, and even apologist entries like this one are scattered throughout my oeuvre and feel stale and regurgitated.

Now, in normal people speak: I'm tired of writing these. I shouldn't be writing these.

Full disclosure. I've gone on the Google and I've looked up questions like "Does a girl like me if she puts smileys in her text" or "Do girls like musicians?". The dreck that comes up in the results is beyond embarrassing. A potpourri of clueless teenagers, basement dwelling weirdos, and passive-aggressive "nice guys" spouting off misogynistic generalizations and unfunny jokes about kitchens.

I'M NOT LIKE THAT. Luckily I've never posted on any of these forums, message boards, or communities. I have flaws, but I've never sunk to the level of some of these meat-heads. Like I've said countless times before, I hang out with cool crowds. I work at ROCK SHOWS. Fun places! Good times! I am kind of super social.

I just have super bad luck, and for some reason in my life I keep on falling into vicious cycles of one-way dead ends. The girl always finds another guy, no matter how successful or outgoing I appear to her. I don't know why, but the dude flipping burgers on the day shift at McDonald's seems to be a better catch than a university grad who has a regular TV gig.

BAH. There I go again. You know, to be honest, this entry itself is kind of pretentious. Like "oooh I'm too good for problems". So I'll end it here. This will probably be the beginning of an indefinite hiatus for me. As Arnold would say: "Stop Whining!"

One final moment of self-pity though, and I feel that it's totally justified.

A musician/reporter/artist/generally fun decent guy like me can't even get ONE date with one girl.

Stanley the Adult Baby, a grown man who lives like an infant and wears diapers, has AT LEAST one relationship with a woman.

Ladies and gents of Experience Project, the world is broken, and I don't know if it can be fixed.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck to you all.

heywhatsthatguydoing heywhatsthatguydoing
26-30, M
May 22, 2012