Long Distance/long Term Relationship

I've dated this guy for 2 years now. the first year, we were in our senior year of high school, and we were just really on and off. and it was actually a really ****** relationship. but after we both graduated, he started gfetting his act together and was geting real serious, at that point, i had been hurt by him to many times and was just done. we went on one last date before i moved to california. he's in Florida. and you culd just tell, he was miserable without me. he would text me everyday even when i made it clear i didnt want him anymore. i went through a phase where i thought i was a lesbian, and when i told him, he still fought for me. i fially realized how much i still did love him and we've been together ever since, but i havent seen him in a year. I'm in school right now to be  Cosmetologist, but we planned that after graduating from school, i would move back to florida with him.  was a really good job out there now and we could support ourselfs and make it just fine. i graduate in a month. and idk, with him, the ups are amazing but the downs are dreadful. i syke myself out, when hes busy with work and cant text me everyday, i think he doesnt like me anymore. it's confience issues with me. and i go thinking that this will never work out, but as soon as a hear from him, it's just the bestfeeling in the world. he tells me he loves me :) he shows me heloves me as best as he can being so far away. i am so in love with him. i think he is the one. but getting through this lonely period is killing me. only 2 months and then i can see him. of course there are risks, but we boh are willing to take them just to at least see each other again. i need reasurrance that what i feel in my mind, gut, and heart is right. i havent heard from him yesterday nd today. i know he loves me, i can just see it in his smile whenever we skype eachother. it's bittersweet. the worst part of it all is that all my coworkers around me are deciding my fate for me, by telling me it will nevr work, and that men dont know how to love.
Darkontheinside Darkontheinside
18-21, F
May 22, 2012