i'm really lonely...no im not a loner, i have friends and best friends but they never listen to my problems or stories thats why im on this..i've noone to talk to and i dont feel important..noone would even notice if i died..i really want a boyfriend, everyone around is with someone and they're sooo cute together.. i want to feel loved and important...i live in ireland but im from poland so i cant even talk to my cousins
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i can listen. :)

That's exactly how I feel. If you died I'm sure a countless number of people would care. If you ever need a friend to talk ill be here!

hi :) I live in Ireland too. but that's kind of irrevelant here. em i know the feeling. i have friends but I can't really talk to them about my problems or stuff so I can feel really lonely sometimes. but people would notice if you died. the friends you have are your friends for a reason and they wouldn't be your friends if they didn't care about you at all. and if you need to talk you can talk to me and i'll try to help :)

I can understand. I had a best friend, but she split up from me. I know the whole "everyone else is part of a couple" because its the same here. It hurts but yea. Ever wanna talk, Im willing to listen to your problems and help where I can.

thanks ! :D

just wanted to add, supposed you get a bf you're happy for some time but then you broke up, your loneliness will only come back much more stronger than before, you won't have close ppl to talk to get thru it and all those feelings mixed up are the worst.

i have learned that if you can't talk to your best friends then they are not "best friends", and i'm feeling the same way as you do, i found out it's not the amount of friends we have, it's the quality of the friendship. <br />
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When we feel lonely it's our body telling us that we are lacking a connection with someone... anyone... i don't know how to fill this void, i'm still working on that, but one thing is clear, it gets better, you just have to remain patient; in the past whenever i tried to rush things with someone because i was craving for some love, i ended up scaring them.<br />
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To overcome loneliness we must find the root of that loneliness, having a boyfriend won't help much, trust me, i thought the same so i found myself a gf, the loneliness fade for some time but over time i started to feel lonely again, even at times when i was with her... so much for a solution =/

You say that you have friends and best friends, but they don't listen to what you say. Maybe it's an age thing, and they lack maturity to understand, but really they are not your best friends. This not listening to you, and not understanding you exacerbates your loneliness because having someone understand you, without judgement, makes a connection with that person, and they validate our feelings and thoughts, which is so important in the teen years. <br />
As to not having a boyfriend...you don't want to hear this...I'm sure, but you are too young to even worry about this. Concentrate on your studies, and your own interests, if you can. There is nothing wrong with you by not having a boyfriend at your age. I don't know the answer to your loneliness, but knowing why we feel lonely may help you find the solution. You need friends who listen, and understand you, then, I think, you will not feel so lonely.

yeah you're right.. thank you so much ! :)