A Room Full Of People But Still Feel So Alone

Sometimes I feel alone even in a room full of people.I can be sitting in the living room with my family and still feel so alone.I go through all my problems alone.I deal with the aftermath alone. Plus I've been single for the last 5 years.It's not that I want to be it's just the way it is.I'm attractive and guys tell me I'm beautiful all the time but here I am single and alone.I always end up talking to guys who turn out to be jerks.I don't like jerks.
kahlan7 kahlan7
18-21, F
2 Responses May 23, 2012

My family isn't the type to talk.It would just be to awkward.Iuse to talk to my friends but they are all busy these days with work,school and relationships.Hence the loneliness.

I know how you feel.. i used to be real close with my brothers and sister now we dont even talk.. all my friends moved away or got married and had kids. they usually make excuses why they cant hang out anymore.. i wish i could help with advice but the only way i could help is, id be there for you.. call or text.. i could use someone, myself to just call and talk to.. if you want to let me know.. and im not a jerk :p

In 10 years i have had my fair shares of ups and downs with loneliness, currently i'm feeling so down. In that time i have learned that putting a patch on it, like having a partner only helps for a while, what really helps is finding real friends who will always be there for you, or you can talk to your family who supposedly give you unconditional love and you can rely on them no matter what. <br />
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I wished i talked to my parents 10 years ago, maybe my life wouldn't be so screw up