When I Need Someone, Anyone To Talk To, I Realize I Have No One To Call.

I am married. I moved away from my family to be with my husband a few years ago. I dont have any close friends. And my family is hard to talk to about issues i may b having. My husband never listens to me when i tell him how i feel. i must be invisible... Im a pretty female and pretend my life is perfect to people i meet. But reality is im drowning in loneliness and im loosinf the fight. Anyone relate to this?
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

I know that feeling, as a young lady I also left family and friends and it is hard. Find you a church that has a good message and good people you will soon be a part of a different kind of family, and God will fill that whole like you will not believe. Good luck on your quest, and remember happiness comes from within.

Sit down with your husband, tell him exactly how you feel. Are you able to invite some of your family or friends to visit you in your new home?

I dont know why this awful feeling takes over my whole life. Why dont people like me? Why am i a loser with not one friend i can call and tell them just how lonely i feel. I feel like this whole world is just a big let down. Know one would care until Its too late.