A Bystander In Life

Do you remember when you were young, a toddler nothing more, and you played with the toy that had the shaped pegs with similar holes. You would inquisitively experiment, attempting to place the round peg through the square hole and other various combinations. You would eventually find the only place for the round peg to go is in the round hole: the square with the square, triangle with triangle, and star with star. I mention this game as a reference, an analogous example of how I have come to view life and the people within it. In my last eight years (from 18 to 26) I have viewed people my age finding out who they are, or to use the peg analogy they are discovering where they “fit” in this world in which we live.

Me, I am irregular or atypical, I do not seem to fit into society any which way. I am the person who watches others carry out their lives, and wonders how they found their place, with their friends, and their successes. I do have acquaintances (friend is too strong of a word) that I connect with from time to time. I volunteer in various activities when the opportunity arises. I have goals and dreams, just like anyone else. But for some reason long lasting relationships with people escapes me entirely.
cmac28 cmac28
26-30, M
May 25, 2012