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52 years old, never married, no children. And you think YOU are lonely!
ottersd ottersd
9 Responses May 25, 2012

Hey, I'm married...still lonely. Beginning to think that sucks worse.

I am not far behind you.......

And yet you do go on! What is the secret of your inner strength?

Otter I'm in my 40s and never being married sometimes it can be lonely but Never overwhelming ly need to find ur own happiness :)

Never married, but ever had a girlfriend?

Sure, several girlfriends, just never seemed to work out.

By the way, Im 30, not married and don't want to get married. I dont' feel lonely though. As a matter of fact, I have a lot of friends from doing HERBALIFE!!! I LOVE HERBALIFE!!! for more information on how to live a healthier lifestyle....shoot me an emai!!!

Haha, I can't imagine you're lonely. You're so funny!!! Made me laughed when I read your post.

Not sure, if it is, I think I might be winning!

Is this a most lonely contest?