hello,i feel lonely even in the midst of everyone..
its not that people cant understand me but that most of them do not try to..
and everyone likes to pretend..its only a 2 minutes business..
i know no one is perfectly happy..
but being a depression patient i feel if some good friend was there to hang out with share my pains just as they share laughter..
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Hey sweetheart.. i hope you can find someone that will be close to you whom you can share everything with.. and whoever said counselor, must have never felt like you have.. i have though.. but if i could go back i would put myself out there more.. i used to kind of keep to myself but really wish i would have put myself out there because nothing will change if you dont.. share the good stuff with people.. try and make people laugh.. if someone your hanging out with looks down and out that is the key.. be their person to lean on.. find out whats wrong with them and just listen.. and soon you will have that person your looking for.. oh and if you feel like someone likes you.. please dont ignore it.. i fou d out after school that 5 girls had huge crushes on me and now its way too late.. good luck i hope i helped.. :)

thnk u..

No prob.. ive been there before.. if you need someone to talk to about anything you can have my number.. i love to talk and listen..

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Most likely you are lonely around these people because they do not stimulate you in a way that fulfils your companionship needs. No fault of their own. You are going to have to find people who you like, who like to do the things you like or act in the way that you like. You can join clubs, organizations or become a leader in the conversations to steer them the way you want to go. Become proactive not reactive. I began karoking and find that I meet many people this way and its fun to me. There are church activities if you like to get involved with the church or school.

Sweety a good way to kick depression in the *** is to do good for others give it a try you have nothing to lose try salvos or soup kitchens

Are there any counsellors or family members you can talk too? There may be if you search for one in your area. A counsellor is a professional trained in the art of listening, they've heard every story in the book, and the counsellor keeps all information confidential, they only mention something to someone else, if you plan on hurting, killing yourself or someone else.

ya but since its our locality and i am a small girl i cant go to a psychiatrst alone..anyways i l try..

hmm do you have any counsellors at your school? In most schools you should be able to talk to a counsellor on your own.

It's up to you to share your pain with someone. People in general are not aware of much other than what happen in thier life. Find someone you can trust and share your pain.

ya got t..thanks fr d same..