Sick Of Being Alone

I live on my own. I have no friends at all, and the people I cared about the most have all died except for one person, and she lives in another state. I act okay around others, but when I get home and the silence sets in, I almost break down and cry. I'm slowly losing my zeal for life, and I'm afraid that I will descend in to total depression. I'm not social, and never have been, so making friends is near impossible. I want to get out of this place, but I cant afford to. In other words, my life sucks, and I'm sick of being alone.
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Get a dog, take the dog to the dog park or other social parks and start a conversation about dogs then go from there.

What about doing a course or joining a hobby group? It's hard but a two way street....u have to make the leap to get out into the world to be able to meet people :/

Yeah, being alone sucks. So when you get those chances to talk with someone and be in their company, you just want to take it all in and savour the moment.

do you go to bars? school? take a class in something. I've been looking for new friends too and I know its hard.

I don't go to bars. I suffered abuse at the hands of alcoholic parents. Plus alcoholism runs in the family. So I tend to stay as far away from that as possible.

Try advertising for a roommate/housemate. The cat idea was also awesome. Someone close to home can help you stay within your comfort zone, and they can help you be less shy, while also helping pay for rent. <br />
*hug*<br />
I hope you find your happiness soon.

I dont have two cats and my human companionship is online. It sucks too as i love a cat when i have one.

So am I. Just try something. ANYTHING. If you believe or don't even think about it at all, just focus without focusing. This may not make sense, but it's some sort of wisdom. I'm sure of it. Get a dog, go to dog parks, look for interesting people, strike up "unique" conversations. Now if only I could follow my own advice...

I have two cats. Sometimes theyre enough. But occasionally I get so down the only thing that helps is human companionship. And I'm lacking in that unless it's online.

Oh wow. I have two cats and most of my 'human companionship' is online, as well. Is that not seriously coincidental or what? Hmm... How about... I'm so sorry, I can't think of anything.

Don't be sorry lol. Its perfectly ok. It's just that everyone my age gets involved in damaging stuff. After suffering through that situation with my parents, I'd rather stick with my online friends than be surrounded by that stuff again as it brings back memories I'd rather not remember.

And just a little side note SilverOwl4U. It's nice to know someone gets what I'm saying. Everyone always says to just get out and meet new people, but it isn't always that simple. Thanks for not being one of those people lol.

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