Friend Longings

So I have a really amazing boyfriend, who knows almost everything about me, and a great family, but something is missing. I am dying to have a best platonic friend. Recently I have wanted a friend who I can share everything with it almost hurts, because I just recently realized I haven't had a friend like that since I was a lot younger. I am desperate for someone who I can tell anything to, who I won't have to be concerned about breaking up with me or anything that comes with relationships, which I suppose is a little backwards for someone my age, but it makes sense to me.
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4 Responses Jun 9, 2012

I would be your friend, but I realise that the age gap may be too long for you.

I'll be that friend, can never have too many of them eh?

He is my best friend, but sometimes you need to have a best friend who is separate from romantic feelings, if you know what I mean.

i understand...u want a friend that isnt close to romance or anything has to do with breaking up and pain..also they will be always with u when u need help and u wont need to worry about if maune they break up or something

Having best platonic friend - apart from your current lover or marriage partner can be a real blessing in one's life. Am many years older than you - so age has nothing to do with value of best platonic friend in one's life - in my experience. After loosing my first - close girlfriend of my high school years, two marriages of ten years each and now being married for twenty two years to a lady who became a closet alcoholic and drug user, It is life's saving grace that I have best platonic friend who is always there - confidentially for me. True friends are those who know you well and work to stay well connected in friendship in spite of what you experience in life. My platonic friend helps me see an alternate point of view and offers valuable ideas about how I can cope with life's challenges. Good relationships are maintained like maintaining a good garden. Work and nuturing. After 25 years of silence, my previous wife and I reconnected in e-mail platonic friendship and I am eternally grateful for her platonic friendship in this chapter of my life. Wishing you your platonic friend to confide in and face life with! Best wishes to you. Don't give up the search.