Married For 15 Years

I have been married for 15. My husband doesn't communicate very well. I feel like he is more interested in his job then me. I feel like he is not that into me. For the last 15 years I have focus on him and my children, forgetting about myself. Letting myself go and gaining a lot of weight which makes me feel bad about myself. Now the kids are getting older I am thinking about what we have in common. Which is only our kids. I'm feeling a little resentfully because I gave up everything to make him happy and he doesn't care or see it. I ask him to do some small things that would help our marriage he acknowledges the suggestions but never implements. So does this sound like it's time to make a move on? He is not into me like I am into him. Doesn't sit well.
Katt04 Katt04
41-45, F
2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

I think maybe you should start strengthening your network of friends and outside interests, so your life doesn't have to be centered around him if he doesn't make himself there for you x

Katt.. I'm having same issues right now and its not easy. We just dont communicate very well anymore and i'm lonely in our marriage. I suggest to still try to work things out for help or something and hope that he will do the same. I'm sure there's a reason why your husband is acting that way and no other way but to get that reason/reasons from him and take it from there .. :)