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Wtf Is Wrong With Me?

I'm surrounded by loving parents, alot of supportive friends, and pretty much everything but I feel so lonely it's frusturating. I've always been sort've quiet when I was younger but I managed to break out my shell when I started high school. Nearly with every relationship I have there is this gap I don't know how to explain. It's like I'm pushing people away that I don't want to. I don't care to go out alot but I need someone to really click with. I'm 16 and already alot of people I know are in a serious relationship with their 'soulmate' but me never. I've lost friends, I've gained friends but I feel completely like an alien waiting for it's mothership :/.
Kariel95 Kariel95 18-21, F 4 Responses Jun 20, 2012

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Thats good. That basically what i had before that girl. Just little relationships. I thought id be tge last one on earth to do that stuff, but i guess it happens to anyone. First love is great, but i mean you shouldnt get carried away.

Ha, believe me.. Im sure alot of people say this and they say it to sound cool or wise haha. But i know first hand "soulmates" at 16 doesnt work. I had "soulmate" she screwed my life up. We dated for 6 months. First 3 months was lovey dovey. Then 2ndba<x>se. And 3rd. Our parents made us split up when it got too serious. Everything was sex after 4months.. Its not fun. It sucks to go behind your parents backs to have to curb your addiction. It was EMBARRASING when your parents make you say everything youve done. Your obviously going to have a first love. Just remember, mine didnt end well haha, shes the reason im depressed, and for God sake do not let him put his hand down your pants. Things go down from there, thats when your amazing relationship will start to go down hill.

Damn that sucks lol, I've dated but it's been nothing serious at all :/

I understand how you feel. i am more or less the same. its very hard and sometimes quite painful. sometimes it just makes you insanely quite and you just sit in a place for a few minutes feeling numb for no reason. i can understand. trust me. i've been so much by myself inspite of being surrounded by people, that i sometimes think i dont even know how to be close to someone. <br />
I have no words of wisdom or anything else that will bring you some peace. i can only say this much - there are a few other people who feel like you do. you aren't alone in being alone. <br />
make yourself strong and make your own life. try to bring happiness to yourself... as hard as it is.

You did bring words of wisdom I'm trying to build my confedence up

You are not alone on feeling this way, i see no one has commented to i will be first..<br />
Its not uncommon to feel this way... dont feel like an alien, you have no reason to. You are just simply different.. you will find your place in life, theres something your not doing right.. perhaps you are staying to much to yourself.. look i dont really know, but im sure you wont feel like this forever.. things WILL get better.. <3 give yourself time to find your true self.

Thanks for being the first comment and I'm hoping things turn around for the better :)