I'm In Love! Help Me Please!

OK, I know u might push this away becasue i'm only 16, but i swear it's ture, and it's drving me crazy!

I have this friend, and i love her dearly, shes a great friend. The problem is, around the biginging of last school year (When i got into a class with her boyfriend) I started having feelings for him, he was the only person i knew in the class so of course we hung out,and over the year got to know eachother. I swear to you i'm in love with him, the real him not the him when he's around her. He's 17 and a year older then both me and my friend. But she wants him to change, he likes computers and video games and writting, she says that 'when we get married he wont be alowed to spend more then a hour on the computer a day' I mean really? It's his passion he's told me he want's to write a big time movie script adn move to LA and he has everthing for it, exept i fear she might hold him back, thats not the only thing, she hates it when he cusses and had the adusity to say i brought his grade down in the class we shared, I mean really? I like her as a person she has all her quarks and i love her as a friends but the way she's treating him could end them both in heartach. If i saw they had a perfect realationship I would leave it alone and ignore my feelings, but they don't and our other friends agree. Ihave no plan of telling either one of them when there togather, but if they break up, I might, I just can't stand keeping it a secret! It's killing me! No one knows obviously becasue she already has trust issiues wiht him hanging out with any friends he has that are girls, if i told anyone it would just cause me to loose all my friends so someone please help me through this!
GirlInLove16 GirlInLove16
18-21, F
Jun 21, 2012