Alone On 4 July

So alone it 4july some people is fun to be with
Family but my family forget about even my
Sister dont want too spend 4july with me it
Hurt soo much be alone n family not that
Faw mins away everyone say there for me not
True i know win there lieing there say there
Help me other lie say there going do something
With me i wait n alone not the best day
Just want too forget this of me being alone
On 4july noo fun for me just alone
shyspidergirl shyspidergirl
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2012

What a pity you felt so lonely on the 4th July 2012. Not one family member could spare you even a half hour. So sad. Wish i could have been of help.<br />
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You have shared that loneliness here and i am honored to offer you comfort to make up for it.<br />
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No need to be lonely anymore.<br />
<br />

Thanks my family mins away maybe a hour