It is Saturday night and I am in my room alone online...!??!?  This is not what I wanted my life to be like.  I am so afraid that no one will ever truly see me and that I will never find someone to love me...that I will never find someone who can see past my body and into my heart.  Will I ever be able to tell someone everything, even the bad stuff and have them still love me?
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I know this has been several years... have you found someone? are you married with children? Going on vacation? :)

It is really hard to find true love, <br />
but if you never tried ten how can you find it? <br />
<br />
I live by that and have regreted not looking, after years I found that just being a nice and good person to others can make me feel great and be loved. I dunno though, if there was a single answer then no one would be depressed and sad about their lives...

that is exactly how i feel be....i'm always the positive person with my friends and family but i'm honestly starting to think that there is no one out there for me and it scares me. i so badly do want to be married one day and have a family. i just dont' know anymore...

i feel u, im the same way, even when i do meet i guy i can never win, one of my obstacles is that i cut so i have old scars, dudes see that and get scared, they dont admit but they do, but im like if u really like me then take me as i am, im human and i have down falls, somethings a issue if u make it one and me cutting isnt a issue for me and i feel like oneday i'll meet a guy and he want care either so u have to keep faith pretty much and try to stay in the game long enough for them to like the inside and not judge u for ur body