I Get Lonely At Night

It's easier in the daytime because I'm busy, there are things to be done and no time to be lonely.  At night there is nothing to be done and no one to talk to.  I can't even talk to people online.  I'm as shy online as I am irl. 

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10 Responses Jun 14, 2008

me too, my dad goes out to work and i am left here alone with the dog. I cant really leave for long coz shes old. I have no one to talk to either

listen to them often

sw33tgirl i feel quite insulted :P "I mean come on, what normal guy now days would just sleep next to his gf without wanting more?" but i see what your saying too many untrustworthy people in the world. or i could just be a dinosaur brought up in a old fshoned way :/ hmmmmmm

I know what you mean icygreen because I mostly feel lonely at night when everyone's sleeping in my house. <br />
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I think for me it's the thought of having someone next to me, so that I can sleep in their arms. Of course that the someone would be a guy, my boyfriend (day-dreaming lol).<br />
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But then reality kicks in and I realize that I'm completely alone in my bed and I long for something I might never have :(. I mean come on, what normal guy now days would just sleep next to his gf without wanting more?<br />
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So I feel kind of trapped and utterly alone in this overly sexual society.<br />
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But you don't have to worry as it seems that are quite a few of us that feel like you ;).

you at least are successful in one regard... you recognize your shyness, but respond just the same and apparently take it one day at a time.<br />
<br />
I salute you.

you guys rock.

It seems you're not alone. I think this is why I look at EP at night, it's a lonelier time.

I know what you mean icygreen.I never know what to say or how to say what I mean.

thank you, but I still don't talk to a lot of people on ep. And when I do talk to someone here, it's not much. I never know what to say.

A lot of us here are lonely, Icy. We'd be more than glad to talk to you if you'd like.

I am a shy girl too.I find it hard to express myself even online.But icygreen,you seem to write a lot of stories here and I really admire you for that.