The More I Love The More Life Hates Me.

Everyday I am trying to fight. Trying to put myself together, be happy for my friends. Trying to love myself, be there for everyone. But the more I try to be okay, the more life pushes me down. Whenever I get up stronger I get a harder punch. I feel hopeless right now. I am sitting in my room and trying to stop tears. In moments like this I just need someone to hug me and don't say a word. But I'm alone. Scared and insecure as everyday. I may look tough and strong and a woman, who doesn't give a f'ck about anything. But the truth is, I'm just a girl, who needs someone strong in her life.
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i can understand your heart...i m in similar kinda..:(<br />
wish you get your life filled with fun n love soon..

Yes it is very true that there are people worse off than ourselves but that does not mean that we as humans cannot feel loneliness and being unloved. Everybodys situation is different and we all cope in a different way. It is not too much for someone to want the love of another around them and for life to give them a break sometimes. I have found in the past that there is no-one who can help so I used perspective quite often and then set out to change certain things in my life that would lead me to the things I needed and wanted. I enjoyed camping and cycling so I went on a cycling holiday with a large group and it was here that I met my wife. Write down what you hope to achieve in life and make just a simple step each day to get there. A quote I read years ago - 'always reach for the stars, you may not get them, but you won't end up with a handful of mud either'. All the best and I hope you find that someone special and that life rises to meet you.

I've felt like this many times.

On the bright side, there is always somebody who has it worse than you. I can't believe I just said that.