I am lonely sometime I believe I got a girl emotion lol I mostly be insecure when I in a relationship I just want a simple faithful relationship with a girl the time I got cheat on I Cry a little then I got a pocket nife I cut myself I felt hopeless and aggressive It was just to much pain on the inside I felt like I want it on the outside to even it out cutting myself make me feel good about myself I not thinking about anything else just the bleeding running through
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Wow my Boyfriend is the same way... Maybe even worse. It got so bad one day he O.D. On pills because I broke up with him . He was in the mental hospital for a whole for suicidal ppl. I didn't find out about it until 3 days later when he came by house and explained everything to me. Look honestly I am personally lonely EVEN with a bf because I have NO friends.. I always want to kill my self or harm myself.. I want to die quick or hurt myself. Veraciouslg that's NOT the way!... There are other alternative ways to cure UR hopelessness. For example you even getting into the website was a good ides(: u will have helpful people help you out. You will find friends. Try to devote your sel in school or more family events (: little by little I believe you will make it through. You can do it (: just give it some time buddy.

Cutting yourself isn't always the best solution. You can try talking to somebody you trust.