I Want Friends And A Life

I am 14, I live in Washington, D.C. I will be starting high school in the fall, A lot of the kids that I just graduated with will be going to the same school. All of them are excited to be going to the same school, but I'm not really that excited because none of them are my friends, we might talk a little, but that's it. I don't have friends because I have been rejected so many times I just don't even try. I had a breakdown at school and nearly killed myself in the girls bathroom while an associate was standing there, I broke the mirror and tried to slit my wrist with the glass, but they slapped it out of my hand. I am not smart, I had gotten put out of math class everyday literally and I spent a lot of time in detention. I never had gotten an award at school not for most improved, honor role, student of the month, or student of year, even when I did clean up my act and did all of my homework and classwork.
My mother told me today that "you are pathetic", "you don't have any friends", and "you shouldn't have a phone because you never get calls, texts, or any invites to anywhere". I am the youngest of 8 children. all of my brothers and sisters have many friends I don't have one and they make fun of me for it. Their friends come over and do normal friend stuff. They go out with their friends and go to the movies, carnival, or parties, but I just stay home and cry and wish that I had that life. They also have either bought a girl or boy home to introduce them as their girlfriend or boyfriend, I never had a boyfriend because... well I don't know why.

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i know you can be having a hard time right now but don't let it get to you ( i know lame maybe you have heard this words before..) all i'm trying to say is well for me high school is fun, well if you make it fun just try to be more out there. Don't worry if you get rejected there's a lot more people out there that can perfectly relate to you. Just try to be more charismatic. An this might sound lame but you do have a friend, maybe not where you live but i'll be your friend if you like.

High school can be very difficult. As for your family members giving you a hard time....I think you should not show them any reactions of sadness or being upset to their comments. Thats what people in general like when they are being negative, they want a reaction.Tell them you are doing your best to figure things out. You seem to be trying to figure out who you are right now and where you want to be! Thats not a bad thing! It's confusing and can be hard but stay positive and you will figure it out and find it! It should be a fun experience! Don't worry about having a ton of friends. I have found time and time again that friends are not always what they seem to be. I'm just trying to say that maybe this moment in your life is about you concentrating on yourself. Stay positive and find the good in things and try to see the bright side as well. I believe with any negatives there is always something positive to be seen! If you really believe in the positive you will attract the positive! Be patient and believe! I've experienced it and it is sooo true! It can be difficult at first then it becomes easier and easier! Good luck and trust yourself!

In order to gain and attract friends you not only have to be friendly,but you also need to create an air of mystery and independence about you,and people would see you in a different light.Wallowing in self pity and despair would only make others look at you in contempt.What you need to do is know that in your life ,you,re the most important person,feel it and believe it.Stop seeking the appreciation and approval of others,and adopt an i don,t give a damn attitute emotionally.Seek others friendship but don,t crave it,In other words behave as if you don,t care whether you have friends or not,and this would cause others to react to you and look at you in another way,and make them want to know you,instead of the other way around,be emotionally independent ,try it and see good luck

i do act like i don't care about having friends but somehow they just see right through that.

I felt like that a lot in middle school and high school. I hung out with people, but none of them really thought of me when it came to who to call or invite to something. I'm not really great company in a party honestly. I tend to just sit around thinking about how I don't know anyone.<br />
I think to some extent your level of dissatisfaction with your social life will calm with age. <br />
If you want to have someone to text, send me a pm with your phone number. I do have a job so I'm not always going to be there, but I'll chat with you until you get bored of me.

Being 15, I can relate to being in your position, even though I made a a few friends last school year I have very severe social anxiety and all the fear of being in school would pile up. The worst days were the report card days, when even my parents would tell me I'm a failure. Maybe it's just the chemicals in my head that make me feel like this but I still feel really alone. Anyway, do you want to talk? On skype I'm thepilot1996 so add me if you want.