Tonight I Am Lonely

I am up almost every night with my sweet little 11 week old daughter. She is a night owl like mommy and I think she enjoys listening to my music with me. I draw while I listen to music and usually have a caffeinated drink near by. I wish I knew a friend that was up at the same hours that I am cause its always nice to talk to someone while Im drawing and listening to music. Im pretty lonely. Melody is amazing but she cant talk to me yet all she can do is look up to me to feed her, hold her, change her and love her. But I wish I had a friend to talk to. Does anyone feel the same way?
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I actually treasure those quite hours late at night. Congratulations on having a new baby daughter. Cherish your time with her because it really does go so fast. My daughter is 24 now and she is my best friend, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, and I have had a pretty good life, have traveled the world have had lots of love etc. But I have to say the time has gone really fast. There is an old saying and I believe its true it goes "a daughters a daughter all the days of her life, a sons a son until he takes a wife". A mother and daughter relationship can be the most rewarding relationship, now I am looking forward to helping her with her children one day. Always put her before everybody else, especially men, boyfriends are adults the can look after themselves but she will always need her mum. Its not going to be to long before you can both sit up at night and talk and laugh about whats happening in your worlds. But until then feel free to msg me on her anytime and add me if you like as I am often up all night. Artistic people are always beautiful people, I am sure she is very lucky to have you as her mum.

ya i want to talk u 7418717622

I dont have a phone for now since Im not working. But you can message me on here if you want to.