Why Don't No One Give Me Chances And When Will I Find Love?

I feel like no one wants to give me a chance. Feel like I'm not good enough to be with no one be in love. I feel like I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. Is it me that no one gives me a chance? I'm so lonely and tried of being alone. I feel like its ok everyone in my family and friend's can be with someone but I can't. I don't think I ever will be with anyone or be in love. What is wrong with me? Why can't I find anyone? Seems like I always get the losers or players and all them. That's who seems to attrack me. What am I doing wrong? When will I find someone? That's what I always ask. I feel like I never will be that I will be alone the rest of my life. Guess I'm not good enough for no one. Guess I'll just have to face the facts.
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its actually 1 am here ! this is for very first tym i hv found such group n readin stories of different people . m glad v met ! i feel better now .

Oh ok. That's good. Yeah I'm kind of new too. You will like this site. It's 3:32 pm here. Where are you from?

m frm India . Wher r u from ?

Oh ok. I'm from Georgia in the USA

ok . dats great.

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you hv a golden heart......dear n m very sure.. the person who vl hv u as a partner vl b very lucky!

Awww thanks. That's sweet. How are you?

m okey ! hows u ?

That's good. I'm ok too. Thanks. So how's your day going?

sorry my reply got posted by fault. i dn kn m doin dis for first tym .

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your looking too hard. these things happen by themselfs. if you make them happen then likelyhood is its a forced situation and will turn out bad. sometimes ya gotta wait for what seems like forever for a mr right. but there is one out there. im sure of it.

Yep so true. If it happens it happens if it don't it don't.

No . I don't know you but I'll bet you are a good person . Sometimes we get tested in life . We go through times alone this is so we can learn about ourselves. There is someone out there for you that feels the same way . Trust me .. good luck