I Can't Give Up On Myself.

This is gonna be a story about my struggle with trying to find someone. About a month or 2 ago, I had a crush on this girl from work and asked her if she wanted to hang out. The day we were going to hang out, I didn't get her text. I ****** everything up from there. I ended up messaging her too much about myself and seemed really desperate. Maybe I am idk. I would tell this stuff to other people, but it was too difficult to talk to her in person. Now later, we have both been heartbroken and probably still both are, but I need to get the courage just to talk to her and forget everything I said to her. I want to be friends and do not want to force a relationship on her unless she is willing. I keep telling myself that next time I see her I will talk to her, but now Im serious. No matter how many people are there Im going to do it. I need to talk to someone of the opposite genre is what I believe, and for some reason I am more comfortable talking with people I know little to nothing about.
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Maybe you should give her some space for a while. she might be a bit overwhelmed right now. If you really like her, after some time you can talk to her again but only make small talk, and not ask her or tell her anything personal. Eventually if she is interested you'll know. she will try to talk to you, and smile at you more. But don't give up if you actually like her :)

That's understandable. You should try to go and make things right with that girl

You should never give up on yourself, no matter what. As for the girl, just send a text message to acknowledge that you did not mean to overwhelm her with attention, and that you wish to simply say hello to her when you see her at work, nothing more. Then stick to saying hello when there is a spontaneous encounter in the lunch room, the corridor or whatever. It really is not that serious, but it seems you are suffering intensely from a sense of embarrassment, or thoughts of regret, of the "I should have known better" variety. You can take a deep breath, forgive yourself, and focus your mind on other things that really are consequential. I hope this helps, but if not, then forgive me. I wrote a story about my loneliness experience. Maybe this shall console about your struggle to find someone, such as a romantic partner, I presume.

Thanks. I think you described my situation perfectly. I will just continue to say hello to her and slowly talk to her about herself and try not to talk a lot about myself unless she is interested.

Sweetie,<br />
You go for it, it was a communication fail that is all......HUGS,KIC

never mind , it happens with everybody...but at d same time u hv to tok wit her...n tell her how u feel...dun worry everythin vl b fyn !

Good for you. You'll never win if you don't play the game so kudos on your resolve,<br />
<br />
Never give up, never surrender!

God. I think she hates me. I think she rolled her eyes when she saw me. Everything I say makes things worse. I said to her "are you alright" and she said "Im fine" then I replied, "you don't look so good" I texted her later telling her Ive been trying to hide caring for people, but now realize I can. She didn't understand and said "ok?" then I said, "that is why Ive been saying so much wierd stuff to you" then "how can I expect you to understand me"

She probably don't hate you bro. Just a bit intense a bit fast! i know its easyer said than done but calm down and try not to explain too much. Telling her these things months down the line and laughing about it together would be a much better scenario you get me? Just learn to chill and trust that if she said shed be there. Then shes gonna be there. If she lets you down then she wasnt worth it in the first place =]