Hihihihohoho. I Couldn't Figure Of Anything Better :)

Hello good people! Ops, hold on, my *** niches. Ah.. that feels better now. Okay, so why do you feel lonely? not why, who made you feel so, but just generally why. What do YOU DO, to be not lonely? You might be not happy with life, with your family, with friends, with lover... So why do you choose to keep these all bad, and dirty emotions in your heart? Does it make you feel good? I don't think so. You know, life is a serious business. The more you live, the more it teaches you and ... the more hilarious it gets. In the end, we all are lonely, so only things we get through life are there with us. I'm not talking about material stuff. I'm talking about loyalty, love, all other 'good stuff', if you get my drift ;). Love, is such a wide spread word, so it can be not only a love for the lover, but love to yourself, love to the nature, and the very earth. You don't always need people, to make you feel not lonely. Earth, alone is always with us. Look at your pet, dog, cat or whatever you have. They love YOU, as much as you love THEM. Be happy. Be somebody. Who understands all your feelings, and makes you feel good? Yes, YOU. You make yourself happy, you always understand yourself, you always cheer up for yourself. You are never lonely! cheer up! be happy! What doesn't let you shine? your mind! Motivate yourself, to do good things :). All your actions have some kind of a comeback. So whatever you do, mean it. Earlier or later it will come back at you! And if you still feel lonely, you have no one to talk with, talk with me. Whisper me, I don't bite. :)
Ps: I might sound a little bit crazy, stupid, yes. My father once hit my head to the tree hardly. Then I woke up in the hospital... Joking. :) Just be ******* happy!! I feel that I have lots of that good, positive energy and I'm ON the flow now so I just wanted to share it with you :)
yourbro yourbro
18-21, M
Jul 25, 2012