Bisexuality Equals Loneliness For Me

My friends stopped talking to ke because I am bisexual. Now i have a hard time making new friends especially talking to girls :(
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11 Responses Jul 29, 2012

Your old friends were obviously never really friends and when you meet new ones, don't tell them. If I meet somebody new I don't tell them about my desires and I never tell my old friends who I'm sleeping with. I save that for my non-judgemental EP friends

Wow that sucks. I think no matter who you are or what caused your loneliness. We can all agree it really hurts when you something so bad & you can't have it.I'm am right?

That's a shame hun. I bet I would loose alot of friends if they knew about me like people on EP.

if you need a friend to talk to i'll be glad to be :).

People tend to act like that at times.. no worries, at the end is how you feel that it counts! You'll find friends who will accept you for what you are, and the one who should be feeling really bad is your friend, not you :)!

ahh you can just be honest about it and you know those women who enjoy the same way and all so never feel bad about it...

For someone not to like you because of your sexuality is crazy. These folks are not true friends. I accept everyone, yep - even you, for who they are.

But I do understand you and what you mean. I kind of keep mine to myself as there are few who would understand. EP is the only place where I can be truly "out there" with who I am.

That simply is not right, but it does happen. I have only let on to a few friends that I crossdress. I was careful to make sure they were open minded individuals. One friend, who is female, describes herself as a (pardon the term) "faghag." She has a lot of gay male friends. We had become good friends, and I felt like if anyone should be able to accept me, she would. Boy, was I wrong!<br />
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I think another comment below summed it up pretty well. Sometimes these people do you a favor when they shut you down like that.

I know you are hurt and feeling betrayed by your friends. My suggestion is to be patient. Some people react badly because they start to question everything they thought they knew. Please don't judge them to harshly. Some people need time to aclimate to news like this. This happened to a friend of mine and about 2 years ago. Most of her friends eventually came around. Not all, but most. This is not an excuse, I'm just saying give them time.

sounds like these are friends that are best lost. you opened your mind and took a step to be more sexually open and more you, and you were open about it to them. but they can't even accept a sexually platonic friend's sexuality, which probably means they're close minded and have other issues as well. you need people who are more at your level. its an important lesson in human behavior but don't ba<x>se your opinion of strangers on what these people did.

Wow, what great friends you had there. Abandon you just because of that? I find that incredibly dumb. Your sexuality should not matter in friendships..and if they were true friends then they would have stood by you and supported you. I am sorry for the loss of your friends. <br />
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My best friend is openly bisexual and she still has friends. So that proves that you can have friends even if you are bisexual. You just have to choose the right ones. Good luck! And if you want to talk, just message me. :)