Home Sweet Alone

Can we be truly alone when we live with others? I know and have experienced the truth of being alone in a crowd, but living alone brings loneliness to an extreme for me.

I don't socialize easily and I never have. I don't drink alcohol or coffee or enjoy the smell of either.

That leaves me to interact with only myself. While I don't think I could handle rooming with someone else (especially in this studio apartment) I still wish I had someone close by to turn to, or to go to for a hug.

Sometimes all I need is a platonic hug. (And digital ones don't do jack for me)
mononoaware mononoaware
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2012

I guessed being surrounded by people doesn't secure you. Just like me, I got friends but I just feel so alone and empty sometimes.

Ive never heard it put like that...interesting.

Kind of weird but its true. I'm always surrounded by people but I still feel alone a lot of times.

Except I'm not surrounded by people. I'm both alone and lonely.

Actually u can talk with your friends,or focus on something u r interested in,you will not feel lonely then

One would need friends first.

My hobbies consist mostly of solo activities. Reading. Writing. Dreaming. The occasional video games.

you could always join a writing group, or maybe a book club?(: you could google some in your area.