I've got a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for over a year and a half and we currently live together. I've got tons of "aquaintances" some I would even sort of call friends, but not really if a friend is someone you confide in and hang out with. I don't have anyone like that. I used to have tons, but I'm 25 now, and it seems like I've lost touch or grown apart from every friend I had as a child, and in high school. My boyfriend spends a lot of time with me, but he has friends that he also hangs out with. I get bored easily, and lonely when he's not with me, and it's not his fault. I just want someone who I can call a "friend" again, and really mean it.
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I thought I had a good friend that I could share anything with, but then I find out she has told my story to her other friend. At least if anyone here tells my story I don't think it would come back to bite me in the bu**.

I also totally understand. I moved to another country with my boyfriend, a place were he has grown up so he has many friends. I too have aquantances but i have no one i can truly call a friend. I have got to the stage though of hating when my bf goes out with his friends and leaves me alone. I have spoke to him about it and also tried to learn the social events he takes part in with his friends in the hope that he maybe invite me out with him but he never does. I really dont want to resent him going out but i feel that way sometimes. I dont make friends easily at all and i have tried so hard. <br />
I know there is nothing here to help you but i thought that you might appreciate that you are not alone in this and that others feel the same<br />
Please feel free to add me as a friend and to chat whenever you feel lonely or in need of a friend <br />
take care xx

I completely understand. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we are in the same circumstance. I'm in a new town and he has friends here and yes I have met people but none that I can really call a friend. I understand what you mean you say you are lonely when he's not with you. My boyfriend just got a job 2 hours from me and I'm in the town where I know very few people. It gets really lonely from time to time.

I completely understand how you feel. I feel the exact same way...I know a lot of people but no one I would consider my friend. It is very difficult because my husband has all his childhood friends and I don't... and I don't make friends easily.

Ep is one place to find online friends that you never even have to meet in person and can remain anonymous with when you feel lonely, without jeopardizing your relationship at all. Tell your boyfriend that you are communicating with online friends- he may even see fit to share his friends with you instead of leaving you lonely!