Universe, Prove Me Wrong? Please?

Am I supposed to be alone all my life?
I go out everyday, see people in love, in relationships some deserve to be in them, and some are just in them for the sake of not being called 'single'.
They say they're in love. Sometimes I think do they even know what it means. If they don't work out, they say they hate each other? How can you hate them and so easily forget them if you loved them?
I am not good-looking, I'm not gonna be rich because I'll probably be doing some job that helps other people, not a rich-behind-the-desk job. I'll be out there, helping.
I can't flirt, I'm not a smooth talker or anything. I'm funny, and I'm truly happy only when I'm doing two things-playing football or helping someone.
Tell me, don't I deserve to be loved?
There are some people who're never single, some who think that this is a game.
Some, who treat their partners like crap, and cheat on them, yet they always find someone for themselves.
Criminals, thugs, rapists, bullies, fraudsters..they all have someone. Is having a good heart a bad thing now?
I always thought being someone who thought about others first and who literally feels hurt when he sees the problems of the world and wants to help, someone with a good heart would matter for something.
I guess I was stupid to think that someone might actually like me when they knew what kind of person am I.
I try to console myself, maybe I was born for something else, a revolution perhaps(we know we need one) or just for helping others..Hey batman was alone right? Some of the greatest heroes were alone right?
Seems like I'm bound to walk alone, touching lives, a bright spot in someone's life for some time, then forgotten.
One of my friend said :'Dude, you deserve to be with someone. You're a great guy, help everyone and the most cheerful person I know then I see people like those(pointing to some boys) get the girls. I just joked,'Batman doesn't have the luxury of love.'
another said-It'll be really hard for you to find someone, but when you do, you two'd be awesome together.
He doesn't even know about the real me, only ep does.
I see these stories and confessions about love, and shiver inside every time.
I guess this is my greatest fear, living my life to the fullest, being the best person I could be, helping everyone, cheering everyone up while being all alone. I'll be happy yes, because the things I do are fulfilling. Everyday I'm trying to accept that I'll die alone.
But once a while, while I'm joking with my friends or helping someone, and I see someone holding hands or hear someone telling about their love lives, I'll feel terrible inside, then I'll just say to myself, I got people to help, I don't have the luxury of love.
Thanks for reading, if you need help, I'm readytohelpyou.

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I read your story, and before commentiing on it, thought of reading another one. As soon as I read it, I thought it would be inspiring to you.<br />
<br />
If you are interested, read the entire story. After that, just read a couple of the cooment underneath. And then, let me know what you think about it?<br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Lonely/1060390" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Sir, there are people who think in the same way as you do. (Even the person in the link thinks in the same way, but I do not want to get that here). Out of the billions on this planets, there are many people who has similar traits like you have. Who think in th way you do. Who like what you like. But you need to give it some time. You are still very young. So please give it some time. All I can tell you now is to wait. But, there is one more thing :
Its good to know that you want someone in life. Now ask yourself - if you find her NOW, will you be able to take care of her? Can you provide her with a house? And a car? And clothes? And occasional vacations? If no, then don't worry. Take this in a positive way and start studying well. Stop thinking about anything else. Get good grades, get a good job, be settled. When ever you think about that 'someone', think of how happy you want to make her by buying her gifts and going out with her. And let this motivate you to become even better in your life. And to get a good-paying job. (the best part is that when you reach this position, you will see that you have already found her during the process itself).

Thank you

Yes, you will. Let me tell you why. I know of a brother you was fortunate enough to meet a woman. He was seeking marriage and he approached her. Can you guess how she was? Well, in today's modern scientific outgoing money-minded society, her habits were as :

# She stitches her own clothes.
# She plants her own vegetables
# She does not wear sleazy clothes
# Even if she does not have a job, she is capable of living happily because she does not need money.
# She does not anything from her husband
# She does not date or do any such kind of stuff
# She has very high morals
# She is very religious
# With all this she has two mater degrees

The brother who found her was shocked that in this world such people exist.

There are all types of people in this world. The reason you do not see 'your' kind of people, is because they are just like you : shy, lonely, waiting, silently helping others, and so on. That is why there are jewels. Because we need to search hard to find them underneath. They are few, but are worth the struggle.

And I believe you will get the one for you, BUT at the right time.

From reading your story, I feel that there's a side of you that tends to lean towards the negative side. When people try to fill you with hope, you doubt everything. When you see others in love, you take this as a way of the world saying that you'll never have it. And maybe when you try to help others overcome their obstacles, you don't apply your guidance to yourself. There IS someone out there for you. Don't ever doubt it. I know so many girls who are sick and tired of the guys that treat them like crap, and they just want someone who will listen and care. How do you know the right person doesn't pass you by every day? Instead of pitying yourself and thinking that there's no one like you out there, go and see for yourself. Do the things you love, and are best at- and if you happen to see a someone who catches your attention, don't be afraid to talk to her. You'll likely be shot down a few times, but if you really want someone, just keep throwing yourself out there. Be conscious of your negative side. Counter it, overpower it, and defeat it. Don't let it control you, and you'll see how much you'll change. Best of luck :]

some people are Born to Remain Single...

As they say... You may not have love now, but on the other side of this planet the person for you is thinking the same thing. Someday. Someday you'll find each other. :)

It doesn't for many people. But a little hope is all you need