What Happened?

For two months I have been dating an amazing woman, everything has been going great. I had absolutely no complaints or problems. We had gone to the movies, played mini golf, gone for walks through the woods and at a park several times just holding hands and talking, telling stories, jokes, having an amazing time. Had gone out driving through the country at night for several hours just talking. Everything was looking very good even with us about to not see as much of each other because we were going to college. Even when we didn't get to see each other we still text and with the first week of college over, everything still was going great but then everything surprisingly took a sudden turn. Over the weekend I could tell something was wrong. She didn't seem happy at all, so I asked what was wrong. She said she was changing her mind about dating me, she didn't have a reason why, just that it didn't feel right anymore, maybe because we didn't get to see each other that much because of the distance but she wasn't completely sure why just that she didn't want to date. Now on stuck here wondering what the hell happened, what I did wrong and where it all went wrong, so many questions but absolutely no answers. Of course my mind is telling me this is all my fault, just wish I knew if I did something wrong so that I won't make the same mistake again. I have the worst luck in the world when it comes to women.
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This happened to me the only difference was he was going into his last year of collage we had been dating a year and we had ment the summer before his second last. I knew what to expect with his last year with everything that had happened the year before with the work load exams and all. I had no warning he just called me up one night after we had our first major fight a week earlier and said it wasn't fare for me to have to wait for him and wonder when the next time we could see each other was. He did tell me depending on we're we both were after he was done schooling that we maybe could try again but I think that was so he just didn't look like an *** hole with breaking up with me over the phone. I know exactly how you feel you can't help wondering what you did wrong to screw something up that seemed so right.
The fact it came out of the blue just makes it that much worse.
Hugs dark night It will get better at least that's what I keep telling myself :)

you didn't make me mad at all. his collage was just over 2 hrs.... yea 2 i know right. and i kinda felt the same about the whole distance thing not being an issue but what ever i guess. we still only seen eachother once a month if that i don't know i try not to think about it.