I Just Need Someone

Everyone I love or care about leaves my life. I'm not a bad person, a bad friend, uncomfortable to be around. I don't stab people in the back or ignore them when they need me. So why has everyone left me? I just need someone who will genuinely be there for me, like I am for everyone else.
rarara01 rarara01
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I often feel the same way rara

sucks doesn't it :(

I feel the same way, no matter what anyone says or promises me they always leave, I feel as though nobody is truly there for me.

Yep, they always always always leave. Regardless of how long I've known them, what I've done for them or even if they're a blood relative. I don't do anything wrong - I don't deserve it, neither do you

Everyone just leaves eventually