Just Coming To Terms With How Alone I Really Am

i have always had friends, a lot in highschool, in the work place, through boyfriends and family. but honestly i sit here today and could not call a single one of them and ask them if they wanted to hang out. it really hit me the other day when i was sitting in my boyfriends lab about to put this girl through an experiment when suddenly the power went out, we all piled over to the window to notice a giant storm cell coming through, she stopped and pulled out her phone and told us she would be a second cause she just had to send a message out, informing us it was a group email to 12 people she knew, in hopes that one of them could save her plants. of course she got 12 messages back informing her that her plants were safe.

it really got me thinking, not only do i not have anything worth saving in my life but if i did i have no one to save them. if i had had plants out side that day i would now have dead plants on my hands simply because i would not have had anyone in this world to save my plants.

my plants are dead and i have never felt so alone.
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

I'm so sorry about your situation I know how you feel. It hurts not having that huge support system that is so natural for many to have. At least you have a boyfriend though! I'm sure if you needed help he would be there for you? I just got into a very serious car accident 2 weeks ago and broke my neck. It really made me realize who was really there for me. But one or two is better than zero and there are many people out there that have no boyfriend, no friends, and no family.