Darn. Cheer Up.

I was so down today that I decided to look up support forums on loneliness online... So, I arrived at this page one hour ago. I wrote my 5 paragraph story about being alone thousand miles away from home. It is filled with sadness and rage, about the extreme awesome loneliness that I am going through.

Just when I am almost done and about to click "post", my earpiece fell on the ground so I had to bend down to reach for it. In my attempt to do so, I accidentally pressed the power button of my laptop - which resulted to the loss of my written story. Sh*t it was lost... so I went back to try and write again. I just couldn't find the same words I wrote earlier.. In silence I am still bothered by the fact that I lost a 5 paragraph deep heartfelt striking piece.

Suddenly I the irony made me feel funny. I hear myself saying, are you really supposed feel bad about losing your sad story? Let go. Lose it. Move on. Live a life. Cheer up.
dreamingtofly dreamingtofly
22-25, F
Sep 8, 2012